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  • Porsche continues to split hairs, and the GTS is now its most-powerful non- turbocharged Cayenne. Read the review and see test numbers and photos at Car.

    Read this editor's review of the porsche cayenne - Porsche Cayenne GTS Review.

    About logo. The Porsche logo is a coat of arms that shows: a riding horse and a deer antler, framed by red stripes. The emblem is dedicated to the home city of the concern - Studgart. Strips and horns are symbols of the city, and the stallion is depicted in connection with the fact that originally in place of the city, in the year 950 there was a horse farm, around which a whole city was gradually built.

    image. Porsche Cayenne GTS. More Power, More Sport. As sporting as the line of Porsche SUVs are, the role of the Cayenne GTS in the.

    But it was more than just the colour. You May Also Like. Flogging the sodden SUVs around a tight motorcycle track also showed off how lenient the stability control system is when in the Sport mode, allowing nice progressive four-wheel drifts out of the tighter bends, with a pronounced tail-wag accompanying any particularly abrupt tromps on the loud pedal. Owning one would mean daily satisfaction.

    The Mercedes M-Class was the first German luxury on the scene when it hit the market some years ago--and it paved the way for numerous competitors from autom A few months back, we witnessed the launch of the all-new Santa Fe Sport which was basically the replacement for the outgoing Santa Fe.

    So, what's this new X To add it to your profile, you will need to sign in. News Every now and then, keys land on my desk that manages to get my heart racing before I even sit behind the wheel.

    And my heart rate only increased exponentially when I placed said fob in the left-hand keyhole and turned, ever so gently, to the right. Barking to life with a severity that had the neighbours complaining and passersby snapping their heads to see what savage creature made such a visceral, glorious exhaust note; the Porsche Cayenne GTS might not be the top-tier Cayenne in the lineup that spot is reserved for the Turbo S , but the experience had behind the wheel of this SUV was enough to make it my No.

    Many waffle around the issue, but a select few nail it, every time. Porsche is one such carmaker and the Cayenne GTS is one such vehicle, built to perform. And perform it does thanks to a 4. I never tired of hearing the Cayenne GTS start, and made sure to keep the door open each time I did, just so I got a good dose of V8 snarl. Few cars can pull of a colour as eye-catching, in-your-face and balls-out as this, but the Porsche Cayenne GTS does it and it does it well.

    The vibrant green color made searching for the Cayenne in a parking lot that much easier. But it was more than just the colour. From the massive central air intake to the lower front and rear apron elements, side skirts, flared wheel arches, and stretched out rear spoiler, everything about this Porsche Cayenne is athletic, poised to perform.

    Aggressive, masculine, taut, sculpted; I could go on and on, but you get the idea. And the performance-driven look continues inside too. Typical Porsche fair ensues: Decked out in black Alcantara and leather with Peridot green stitching -- with the GTS logo and seat belts in the same green to match -- the sport seats and dash are both luxurious and performance-driven.

    Unleashing the power of the V8 became a daily obsession, something I felt like I needed to do or everything would be lost. And I could see how easily intoxicating a vehicle like the GTS could be if owned. I just wanted to corner and power out of the apex all day long. Shifts are razor-sharp, and the throttle-induced downshifts are the absolute best flick the throttle with your right foot while driving and watch the Porsche choose just the right gear… Every.

    Owning one would mean daily satisfaction. Turn it on and that smile becomes a giddy grin -- guaranteed. Pay to play And pay I would, if only I could.

    Road Tests and Reviews. Be the first to review this vehicle. I want my review to be anonymous. Please login to submit your evaluation. See the complete Gallery. You May Also Like. Used The Mercedes M-Class was the first German luxury on the scene when it hit the market some years ago--and it paved the way for numerous competitors from autom Articles By Miranda Lightstone. See More Photos and Videos. Successful Operation Favourite added temporarily.

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