Porsche 911 2017 horsepower

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  • Max. engine speed, 7, rpm, 7, rpm. Power-to-weight ratio, lb/hp, lb/ hp. Max. power per liter, hp/l, hp/l. Valves, 2 intake / 2 exhaust.

    Horsepower. hp. View Photos. Porsche Carrera Shown. View . December By Multiple Authors Multiple Photographers. View

    Read about the updated Porsche Carrera and Carrera S at Car and In the Carrera, the twin-turbo engine produces horsepower and lb-ft of.

    Can you ignore it if your neighbor thinks you bought a Cayman instead of the best multipurpose sports car in the world? You should really try this if you get the chance. This Carrera 4S model proved much more fulfilling than the Turbos I first tested when starting my auto scribbling career in the early aughts. With standard PASM and a bit more rear tire, the new Carreras retain that trademark feel -- call it a dose of tail heaviness, even though there is less mass behind the rear axle than ever. The result of finding the optimal gear ratio every time is said to improve performance as well as reduce fuel economy and emissions.

    Porsche Carrera 4S is the best Carrera yet | Car Reviews | Auto

    Revelations about our current remarkable automotive era sometimes flit into consciousness in the midst of an experience -- stabbing the gas in a Dodge Hellcat , for example, or noting an SUV filled with the whole family and luggage is averaging 31 mpg. The Porsche Turbo S is the latter.

    Taken from any quantitative angle -- acceleration, top speed, braking, handling, interior capacity, comfort and convenience -- this is a remarkable machine packed with technology and nearly devoid of flaws. Those few flaws are ergonomic items easily rectified, placing them in the realm of quirks: Under the rear deck, somewhere, is a 3. It sure sounds like a flat six, and more so, it feels like a hp flat six in the non-S Turbo. The Turbo cockpit is a pleasant place in which to spend time, both on the track and on the freeway.

    Four settings comfort, sport, sport plus and individual alter throttle settings, steering, suspension and the like. Pinch and swipe movements complement touchscreen buttons, and the entire system is far faster and more intuitive than the previous generation. Where do you want to start? Crank the dial to sport-plus, accelerate out onto the track, and have yourself a damn fine time trying to keep up with famed driver Hurley Haywood. Steering is of the lovely point-and-shoot variety with just enough assist to keep the driver from feeling beat-up at the end of the day, and in sport-plus, the electronics will still let you play with a little trailing-throttle oversteer without going full-on widowmaker.

    The rubber front lip spoiler adjusts for conditions using a trio of inflatable air bladders. The cast iron brakes on the regular Turbo carbon ceramics are optional there, standard on S deliver outstanding pedal feel and might be easier to live with over the long term, but the carbon brakes grab hold RIGHT NOW, never showing more than a hint of fade despite hours lapping Thunderhill in degree temperatures.

    Can you use it for destroying a road course during a track day? Not being masochists, our laps at Thunderhill were negotiated with air conditioning at full blast and cooled seats where available cranked. So is the Turbo on winding back roads.

    Do you have an insatiable need to be gawked at, gazed upon constantly by passersby with equal parts envy and disdain? Do you have what certain presidential contenders might refer to as "small-handedness"? Can you ignore it if your neighbor thinks you bought a Cayman instead of the best multipurpose sports car in the world?

    Hopefully yes; otherwise he wins and you lose out on everything Porsche has packed into the Turbo. An earlier version of this article listed the curb weight at 4, lbs the gross vehicle weight rating ; actual curb weight for the Turbo S is 3, lbs. Andrew Stoy - Digital editor Andrew Stoy has spent the past 20 years wrenching on and writing about cars. He's worked everywhere from dealer service bays to the headquarters of the world's largest automakers.

    Blindingly fast, beautifully built and usable day in, day out. Car news, reviews, motorsports, auto shows and stunning photography delivered right to your mailbox. Turn on JavaScript from your settings to fully experience the site. Still an everyday exotic Tackling the track or slogging through traffic, Porsche's turbo top dog remains in a class by itself August 29, Share Facebook Tweet Pinterest Email. Oversized front air vents have been toned down slightly on the Turbo S.

    Push the button in the middle for 20 seconds of insanity. Porsche can help you with that Prepping at Thunderhill Raceway. You should really try this if you get the chance. Blindingly fast, beautifully built and usable day in, day out Cons: Digital Subscription Take Autoweek to go on your digital device and get the car news you want, wherever you are.

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