Porsche 911 turbo s 2016

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  • Check out the Porsche Turbo / Turbo S review at COMESEEORLANDO.INFO Use our Car Buying Guide to research Porsche Turbo / Turbo S prices, specs.

    The facelifted Porsche Turbo S will be fastest-accelerating production model when it is launched in the UK at the end of this month, with a mph time .

    The new Porsche Turbo S does so many things so well that you can't help but be overwhelmed when you first you drive it, which is exactly what I've just.

    One miscalculation could send you into a spin. If, for example, the rear wheels begin to lose traction under acceleration, a greater proportion of the drive power is automatically transmitted to the front axle by a more positive engagement of the multi-plate clutch. And so it still holds true that the Turbo is no end in itself. Exterior design For us, it has always been about not following trends, but about overtaking them.

    First Drive review: Porsche Turbo S

    This is Turbo with capital T. Except on the rear badge, confusingly, where Porsche typography convention means a lower-case one. Like the jaws of a bear trap. Beyond a driver with trouser globes made of titanium? Well, although it sticks with the old 3. That means a total of bhp, courtesy of revised inlet ports, higher fuel pressures and bigger variable geometry turbos. The 20in centre-lock wheels are also half an inch wider and the four-wheel drive system gets a faster-acting electro-hydraulically operated clutch pack to shuffle the torque about more promptly.

    There are another couple of new functions: Predictably, grip and traction are beyond reproach. The ceramic brakes did get grumbly after sustained hard-lapping at the Kayalami launch track in South Africa but there was never any suggestion of real fade.

    The S is only 0. Subjectively, it feels much punchier than its little brother at higher speeds and rolls less, though the stock version is hardly a blancmange. The Turbo, and in particular, the Turbo S, is at the top of its game. Second-gen Audi R8 supercar driven on road and track in full Everything we know about the Ferrari GTB: By Chris Chilton Contributing editor, ace driver, wit supplier, mischief maker.

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    CAR magazine road tests the We drive the wildest yet - read Georg Porsche Cars for Sale. Porsche 3. Porsche Leasing Deals. The Porsche Turbo's gained a raft of updates for the

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