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  • Ferdinand Porsche (3 September – 30 January ) was an automotive.

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    About logo. The Porsche logo is a coat of arms that shows: a riding horse and a deer antler, framed by red stripes. The emblem is dedicated to the home city of the concern - Studgart. Strips and horns are symbols of the city, and the stallion is depicted in connection with the fact that originally in place of the city, in the year 950 there was a horse farm, around which a whole city was gradually built.

    Mar 19, Porsche is set to completely manufacture a car outside Germany for the first time, marking a departure from its proud brand claim that all its.

    Of the examples produced, only were imported to the US coupes, cabrios and 80 Targas , were sold in Germany, 50 went to the UK, and the remainder to other countries. And they do have a point, as the clever positioning and perspective of this ad clearly shows. For , their final year, the car was given rubber-faced safety bumpers. The Cayenne and have cycled as the top-selling model since.

    Porsche locations - From Germany throughout the world - Porsche Great Britain - Porsche Middle East

    Porsche is one of the all-time great car marques. The German company has been producing world-leading cars since , none more long-lived and respected than the legendary The firm is still at the leading edge of performance and technology, with supercars like the Spyder and the GT3 RS continuing their proud tradition of innovation, and luxury vehicles like the Panamera and Cayenne satisfying the needs of those who prefer sophistication with their acceleration.

    And then there are the racing cars, which for many years have given Porsche a trophy cabinet that is the envy of their peers. A small, lightweight sports car that uses energy efficiently. So I decided to build it myself. A genius designer and engineer, and a very talented racer in his day, he was largely responsible for the Volkswagen Beetle. He had been designing and building cars since the s. However, he died in , by which time the company bearing his name had only been going for three years.

    Some superb photographs, and many more fascinating details, are here:. The true founder of Porsche, he was very much a chip off the old block, and during the lean postwar years cunningly combined a Volkswagen engine with his own streamlined body to produce the rightly revered More on him here:.

    A highly talented designer, F. Porsche as he was often known was responsible for the ageless and distinctive lines of the , among many other great designs.

    He also led the company into the profitable spin-off areas of Porsche Design, such as sunglasses, pens and watches. See him with many of his concepts here:. Almost as instantly recognisable as the profile of a , the Porsche crest has adorned any number of legendary cars both on and off track. But did you know that the famous shield-shaped Porsche coat of arms was technically wrong, exactly one day after it was designed?

    From the Le Mans track to the deserts of Africa, via snowbound forests and club venues, Porsches have been amassing trophies and putting drivers on podiums almost since the first model turned a wheel back in Find out more from the links below:.

    Nothing quite says superiority like taking nine out of the first ten places at Le Mans, as Porsche did in Not just a great Porsche ad, but a great car ad. A powerful message that has everyone nodding and smiling, both carefully constructed and delivered without an ounce of fat.

    A lot like a Porsche , in fact. From the mids, to promote the supercar-level performance of the Turbo. Even in a world obsessed with safety, no one cared much about the fate of a few squashed insects; not in the name of this much fun. Porsche are always keen to play heavily on their heritage and lineage — and not just with the iconic profile of the And they do have a point, as the clever positioning and perspective of this ad clearly shows.

    What better way of pointing out that your new model is so advanced that the opposition is taking it apart to discover your secrets?

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