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  • Of course, as with any vehicle, your mileage may vary. But this chart provides estimated Tesla highway ranges in exhaustive detail.

    Model S is the safest, quickest car on the road—with industry-leading performance, range, and storage.

    Tesla is a well-known manufacturer of electric vehicles. The company's founder is not Ilon Mask, as many believe. Mask is one of Tesla's main sponsors and her public face. The company has an interesting principle of work - they do not hide their designs and patents. All of them are available for use and application.

    I was wondering if the presented estimated range on the website of Teslamotors. com is a fairly good expectation of the actual real-life average daily driving.

    Tesla is a software company as much as it is a hardware company. Go Solar and eliminate your energy bills. This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. See in the left side cumulative sales for and

    Tesla introduces long range Model S, X D; capable of miles

    A common question for potential electric vehicle buyers are concerns pertaining to range. Some will ask how cold temperatures affect range, while others are more concerned with the impact that speed has on range.

    That being said, no car—gas or electric—can outrun physics. Because of forces like gravity, friction, and drag, your range will always vary. Range is never a constant in the real world. It will, as Tesla says, always vary. But we can isolate one variable to determine its impact on range, given that all and we do mean ALL other variable remain the same. Drag from the air around the car increases with speed. Model S reduces the effect by coupling best in class aerodynamics with an extremely efficient powertrain.

    In addition, Model S is engineered to use terrain to its advantage: At a constant speed of 55 mph, range of the kWh version of the Model S equals miles in lab conditions with all other variables controllable and ideal , but at a constant speed of 75 mph, the chart shows a range of approximately miles, or a loss of 70 miles compared to the rating at 55 mph. Other versions of the Model S show a similar drop in range as speed increases.

    For example, the kWh version of the Model S is listed at miles by Tesla and only under ideal conditions at 55 mph, but at 35 mph, that range rating soars to almost miles. And feel free to mess with the outside temp and HVAC settings, too. I would like to see a similar graphic for the Leaf and other vehicles. I know the data exists, but seeing it like this makes a lot of sense. How stupid can a guy be?

    The math is exactly the same for all objects moving through a fluid. We must slow down! The math also applies to the cost and the time. But the trip takes 6 hours longer. I wish they would extend the highway speed to 80 mph. I have a lead foot and want to get from one charging station to the next as quick as I can without brodering.

    Here in Virginia, the legal limit is now up to 75 mph, which means everybody drives 85 mph, while the police eat donuts. About us Advertise with us Privacy Policy Terms of use. Range Impacted by Speed? Of Course It Is. Vote Up 0 0 Vote Down Reply. Is there a graphic somewhere that would have told Broder about his huge overnight range loss?? Chevy Bolt vs Volt: OCT 18 Allocation For Full U.

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