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  • Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies – How to Upgrade the Tesla Gun – Game Rant
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  • Here is how to find all four upgrades for the special Tesla Gun that players can build in Call of Duty: WW2's Nazi Zombies mode to unlock the Dark Arts.

    The Tesla Wonder Weapon in the Final Reich zombies map can be upgraded in various forms to gain the Midnight, Hurricane, Reaper and Bloodthirst versions.

    This COD WW2 Zombies Guide shows how to get all Tesla Gun Upgrades in the FInal Reich. Build all Tesla Upgrade Variants for the easter.

    The player must now charge the battery by killing Pests with the use of the Morgue Trap. The player can now pick it up again and bring it down to the machine in the Laboratory which gives the player a piece of the Tesla Gun and place it in one of the side slots. If you have completed those then take the battery pack up the stairs of the morgue to the red glowing machine seen below and insert the battery into the hatch on the left hand side. For the next step you will need 2 bombers alive. Please help us improve the Call of Duty Community by taking a moment to provide your valuable feedback.

    Tesla gun upgrades - Activision Community

    After getting the Tesla Gun during the casual easter egg playthrough, you can upgrade it to reach it maximum zombie-killing potential by unlocking its four elemental variants found within The Final Reich map. The four variants are Hurricane, Bloodthirst, Reaper, and Midnight, and in order to get them you have to know a few sneaky things about the map to get the items necessary to unlock them.

    Otherwise, here is a breakdown on how to get all four of the vairants in order to have an easier time at beating the hardcore easter egg mode in CoD WW2 Zombies. Bloodthirst is one of the tougher variants to get, but allows your Tesla Gun to shoot out bolts of red lightning that stun any nearby zombies and causes them to explode after a few seconds.

    The first thing you need to do is go to the street lamp seen below right outside the courtyard of The Final Reich map. Look up at that streetlamp and shoot it a couple times with the Tesla Gun until some green static effects start appearing on the light itself. There are a total of 25 lights to hit, and they lead you through the map and down into the morgue area. If you mess up the order or get mixed up on which light you are on, just return to the first light post in the courtyard to start again, and make sure all the doors in the path are open down to the morgue to have an easier time hitting every light.

    Once you do this, a battery pack will fall from the ceiling onto the floor of the morgue. Putting the battery into the charger in the same room will start charging it. This can get pretty tricky and might take a few tries to get, but essentially just horde as many pest zombies in the morgue by running in circles and try to time the detonation of the trap when they would be near the battery pack when they are killed.

    Then just pick up the battery and move on to the next step. If you have completed those then take the battery pack up the stairs of the morgue to the red glowing machine seen below and insert the battery into the hatch on the left hand side.

    Some zombies will arrive and start attacking the machine, but just kill them and protect the battery until a Tesla part comes out of the device. Then you just have to take the part up to the Command Room where you first got the Tesla Gun and the option to build the Bloodthirst variant will be available on the four-sided table. The Hurricane variant is pretty easy one to get, and grants your Tesla Gun the ability to shoot a huge pink ball of electricity that expands as it travels forwards and kills whatever zombies are in its radius.

    During the casual easter egg path, an objective will have you open a Salt Mine door. As soon as you open this door there will be several bomb zombies which, as you can probably could have guessed, have bombs strapped to them. Do not shoot them and instead lead them back into the Laboratory area of the map and up some metal stairs so they are right beside a metal locker in the wall seen below.

    Kill the bomb zombie near the locker and it will break open and reveal a battery inside. Take the battery back down the stairs and place it in the charger inside an electric trap in the hallway. To get it charged you need to kill several zombies that have these massive clubs on their arms, so bring them into the trap and kill them with the electricity to power the battery.

    This might take a few tries to do it successfully, so try and bring through as many club zombies as you can find with every try. Once the battery is charged just take it back to the Laboratory are into the yellow-glowing machine on the right hand side. Once it is placed in the machine you will have to kill any incoming zombies and protect it while it creates the Tesla Gun part.

    COD WWII Zombies: How To Upgrade All 4 Tesla Guns In One Game On Solo (And What Each Tesla Does!)

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