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  • Hyundai Motor Australia phone number, a Customer Care representative is available 24/7 to provide assistance. Click here to reach by phone.

    Connect with Hyundai Motor Company Australia at Lane Cove Road, Macquarie Park, NSW. Discover phone numbers, directions, web links & more with the.

    Hyundai Motor Customer Service Number Australia and Hyundai Care and you are also provided with the Contact Us Form where customers can fill the form.

    If you don't agree with their request then they will probably not deal with you, if you do continue to deal with them then you have effectively agreed to their conditions and could be exposing yourself for making confidential communications public. Hyundai Headquarters 02 Your complimentary roadside assistance will be automatically activated for 12 months from the date the vehicle was first registered once you have set up a myHyundai account. If done in the right way, discussions with them may lead to better things happening in regard to issues with a particular 4x4? Sign in Already have an account?

    Hyundai Customer Service Number Australia, Head Office Address | CustomerServiceDirectory

    By ozrider , August 16, in Terracan Technical. I have had a response from Hyundai Australia with a request that all issues are to be submitted on an individual basis and directed to. If you have had specific customer service issues with dealerships or authorised service centres please document them and send them to Nick. From my experience dealing with this sort of thing if you keep your response factual supplying as much information as possible, including the responses you had from the dealerships or authorised service centres you will get further.

    If you have no joy or feel you have been 'fobbed off ' by Hyundai Australia, we may have an escalation point at Head Office in Korea. Been having some problems? I'm not telling you how to suck eggs, but I've been in the service delivery management area for the last 20 years and you will get a much better response sticking to the point rather than being vague and throwing in opinions and emotions. I booked my vehicle in for a xxx klm service, on completion I checked the vehicle to ensure all tasks had been completed.

    I highlighted these issues to the service manager and was informed that no, all was fine and all tasks had been completed, I pointed out that I had marked filters etc prior to service as I had suspicions that work had not been carried out previously. After this, he reluctantly agreed to re service the vehicle.

    I expected a much higher level of service from your company, and I am quite disappointed. This is in regard to our Hyundai Service Poll, we finally found a name at Hyundai to take ownership of issues.

    Just like to briefly add my single experience of following up an issue unresovable between me and the the dealer. I followed the protocol in the manual and contacted the State office of Hyundai. The response was, in a word, superb and the issue was fixed very quuickly indeed. Hyundai that excludes the exchanged information from publishing!!

    If you have discussions with a manufacturer and they reply and ask or tell that the contents of that discussion are confidential, then you can't complain if you get a call from their lawyers!! If done in the right way, discussions with them may lead to better things happening in regard to issues with a particular 4x4?

    I only can recommend to persist on your right to publish issues respectively on your right to get the Office for Fair Traiding or ACCC involved You can only call it the way you see it, but I have had my Terracan serviced by Cumberland Hyundai in Blacktown since new.

    Over all the years and all the vehicles I have owned they would be the best service centre that I have ever used. Even though I have modified the vehicle in some areas they have never once argued about any warranty issue I have raised. Picked the vehicle up in the afternoon after the service and the whole radio unit had been replaced under warranty. No questions asked or arguement. Other warranty issues have been handled in the same happy to please way.

    The guys there are also very pleasant to deal with and always great me by name. You can do whatever you like, you can scream it from a mountain top, there is nothing to stop you taking it to the ACCC or your legal representitve. Once it has gone past the argument stage and has been escalated to either to a regulatory or legal body or escalated to a corporate level then there are legal boundaries that you must work within, simply put if one of these entities requires that any communication between you and them is to be kept confidential then thats how it is.

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