2007 mercedes benz c280 4matic review

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  • View all 93 consumer vehicle reviews for the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Mercedes-Benz C-Class C 4MATIC Luxury 4dr Sedan.

    Mercedes-Benz was once famous for building automotive brick shit houses .. I own a C 4MATIC, and I think this review is a bit on the.

    There are 45 reviews for the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, click through to see what your fellow consumers are Owned a C sport manual for 3 years now.

    Your feedback has been sent to Cars. However, as long as there are snobs, there will be car makers trying to cater to them, for a price of course. At least he didnt claim to be a Jelly Donut. Then again, I never understood why a slightly more adjustable power seats, a better stereo and a lexus badge got a premium over the camry XLE.

    Mercedes-Benz C-Class - User Reviews - CarGurus

    Now that Mercedes has released pictures of their new C-Class, I figured it was as good a time as any to sample the dead C. In Europe, the outgoing C-Class W in Stuttgart speak is beloved of German taxi drivers and penny-pinching poseurs with a little extra pomposity in their purse. As I drove off in a C 4Matic, I wanted to know what ground the new C had to cover to make its bones.

    At least, I thought I drove off in a C 4Matic. In fact, I found myself behind the wheel of a Camry with a Mercedes logo. Featherlight feel uber alles? Like the chubby college girl that somehow found her way into your dorm room on a regular basis, the Benz has a familiar, soggy shape, with too many curves above the beltline.

    The glitz diverts your attention from the generic silhouette and drooping hood. A distracted observer would even be forgiven for thinking that the C is a sharp car— though only just.

    It's a shame that the slab of plastic is so huge, because many units remain un-rented. The result is a random disbursement of blank buttons.

    No one who drops 40 large on a German four-door should be made to feel like they're slumming it. Strangely, the C is powered by one of the few engines whose designation has been rounded-down for marketing purposes.

    If you could be bothered, you could hammer it and sprint from zero to sixty in a yawn over seven-and-a-half seconds. In fact, driving this sedan in auto pilot is the most Mercedes-like part of this Mercedes; radio on, seat heated, cruise control set, brain disengaged.

    Eighty-five miles per hour never felt so easy. Not shockingly, they handled the whopping lb-ft of torque without a murmur. Now, let's see what this baby Benz can do in the twisties…. And that's a problem. Mercedes-Benz was once famous for building automotive brick shit houses. Driving a Merc— any Merc— meant that the outside world was worlds away— as was Roadside Assistance. Now, both the street and the tow truck fleet are too close for comfort. A Mercedes can be inexpensive, but it should never be cheap.

    Love the chubby college girl metaphor! Why aspire to something more? It would seem cheap, easy, and compromised is enough for some. The C-Class line is a bit odd. For less money than the C, you can get the C with sport seats, sport suspension, and some nice-looking rims. Perhaps you nailed it. It is a Camry for people who want to drive German. Except for the reliability. Great writing, your chubby coed comparison was brilliant and must ring true with some of us. Lots of wit with a minimum of recycled TTAC-isms.

    Thanks for not spizzarkling! This car made some sense as a refined alternative to the 3-series about 10 years ago. Then along came the updated and nicer versions of the TL, Passat, Accord, G35 and the rest of the midsize and extry-lux pack. I like MB cars, they are still the most solid cars I have ever been in. If this car lost its leather everything, auto shifter, and other glitz, sold for about ,, Id absolutley buy one, taxi personna and all. Benz in the states still holds some cache just like Jaguar does.

    2007 Mercedes-Benz C280 4MATIC AWD - Luxury Edition, Power/Heated Seats, Glass Sunroof - 26,506 mi

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