Hummer h3 thermostat replacement

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  • A Hummer H3 Thermostat Replacement costs between $ and $ on average. Get a free detailed estimate for a repair in your area.

    Hummer H3 Car Thermostat Replacement costs between $ and $ on average. The parts and labor required for this service are.

    I have a H3 that I just had a diagnostic done on, they told me that I had a computer module out, which I had them replace, and that I need.

    Hummer H3 Car Thermostat Replacement at your home or office. You'll also need a dish pan, oil pan or 5 gallon bucket for catching fluid. Consider replacing the related hoses, too. Install new CTS and reverse you steps you just did to get to it. Double check all of your bolts and clamps.

    Thermostat & CTS Replacement - Happy Hummer

    The thermostat is a valve that helps control engine temperature. When the engine is cold, the thermostat stays closed to block coolant flow to the radiator, letting the engine warm up faster. Once the engine hits a certain temperature, the thermostat opens up, allowing coolant into the radiator, where it can cool off and keep the car from overheating. The bad thermostat can cause two different sets of problems, depending on whether it's stuck open or stuck closed.

    A thermostat that is stuck open can cause the engine to run colder than normal and turn on the check engine light. It may also cause poor fuel mileage and the heater to blow cool air. A thermostat that is stuck closed will cause the vehicle to overheat.

    If a new thermostat doesn't resolve engine temperature problems, the cooling system needs to be checked for other issues. Signs of a bad thermostat, and how to fix it. If the thermostat is stuck closed, no, you should stop driving immediately; if you don't, the engine can quickly overheat. An overheating engine should be shut off, and the vehicle should be towed.

    Overheating can severely damage the engine after only a few minutes. If the thermostat is stuck open it may not cause engine failure, but you'll likely notice poor performance, an ineffective heater and bad fuel economy. It should be replaced at your earliest convenience. It all depends on the type of car you have and your driving conditions.

    The thermostat does not wear the same way a tire does, but will eventually fail and require replacement. Often, a new thermostat is recommended as preventative maintenance any time the cooling system is serviced, such as during radiator hose replacement or a timing belt service. Because there are several problems that can cause overheating, a technician will do a full inspection of the entire cooling system.

    Where applicable, any trouble codes stored in the engine's computer will be pulled and relevant diagnostics will be done. The technician may check engine temperature sensor and the thermostat opening temperature.

    If the engine has overheated, the shop will look for signs of engine damage. Modern engines commonly have plastic parts, such as intake manifolds and thermostat housings, that can warp from overheating. These parts, along with the head gasket, should be checked for leaks. To replace the thermostat, the technician will drain the coolant from the system and remove the thermostat housing from the engine.

    The sealing surface between the thermostat housing and the engine is cleaned, and the thermostat gasket is replaced. Once the new thermostat is installed, the cooling system is filled with fresh coolant and the system is bled of any air, then rechecked to ensure a proper repair. When replacing the thermostat, inspect the thermostat housing for corrosion.

    A corroded housing may prevent connected hoses from sealing properly, and could fail soon after replacement. Be sure to note the orientation of the thermostat. An incorrectly installed thermostat may not open, leading to problems soon after replacement. Consider replacing the related hoses, too. While they may seem to save money in the short term, their ability to stop leaks will also eventually clog the cooling system. This could affect the radiator, heater core and engine coolant passages.

    2006 Hummer H3 Thermostat Replacement

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