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  • We were worried in a big way, worried that the Pontiac Solstice would turn out to be a cost-cut, watered-down shell of the two Solstice concepts that debuted at.

    When you punch the Pontiac Solstice's go pedal to the floor, you can almost hear that great Les McCann/Eddie Harris tune “Compared to what?.

    Read Motor Trend's Pontiac Solstice review to get the latest information on models, prices, specs, MPG, fuel economy and photos. Conveniently compare local.

    Avatars by Sterling Adventures. When reading the community forums, you would think that the owners of the chipped cars whose turbos died only drove them to church 1 mile each way on Sundays. Hope your Porsche is running fine. Pontiac Solstice Overview You like me!

    Pontiac Solstice - Consumer Reports

    While it's clear that the GM cars have more visual appeal than the Japanese roadster, looks can be deceiving. I reckon cops in several US states will specialize in writing Solstii tickets for failure to display a front license plate. The small tent-like rear flutings must be drawn taut and attached via fasteners to the rear deck. Whereas an MX5 driver can pack light and live, a Solstice driver is hard pressed to stow enough H2O to make it between Arizona rest areas.

    At a stroke, Pontiac has rendered the Solstice a toy, a four-wheeled motorcycle. Large, graphically dull black-on-white gauges courtesy of the Chevy Cobalt nestle in a nacelle that swoops away to encompass the shift lever. Three simple, round controls for the heat and air-conditioning courtesy of the Hummer H3 sit just above the radio.

    Fire-up the horsepower Eco-Tec and the mini-mil l produces a warbling base note. Once underway, the 2. Acceleration comes on steadily, like a turbo-prop desperate to leave an aircraft carrier.

    Peak torque ft. Which is not always a good thing…. The sports car law of the decreasing radius will carry you deep into a turn, with more than a bit of understeer. That said, the lightly powered Solstice is a porky little thing. If nothing else, the slick shifter and communicative rack-and-pinion steering demand constant involvement, in the same sense an intelligent, beautiful woman always keeps you on your toes.

    The solstice is good, is it good enough? The chevy corvair, and pontiac fiero, were good looking in their day, they were not good enough. But just to say a gm car is great looking again is I guess why they are sold out. Hopefully the Solstice GXP will fix some of the power issues, with the hp turbo 2 litre engine. Having said that, everything else seems to be right with this car, which really impresses me.

    While US car companies have a heck of a struggle ahead of them, I will give them credit for building a number of interesting vehicles.

    Looking at Toyotas lineup, I am sorely disappointed at how dull the vehicles are. Not only are there no sports cars, there is nothing even remotely sporty. I really like the look of the Solstice. But from the review, and from the fact that it weighs lbs more than a Miata, it seems depressingly unrefined. The other day, I saw a Solstice owner do a little raindance dance around the car in order to drop the top, something I can do with a mere flick of the wrist without even undoing my seatbelt.

    In the quarter ending 30 June, Mazda profits were up 16 times that of the same quarter, and a large part of that was the popoularity of the MX The Sky just looks a little more serious to me. Curse this Midwestern pragmatism of mine. If you care about that sort of thing. Mazda hired away the designer of the Solstice and Sky Franz von Holzhausen , who then penned the Kabura show car.

    Careful what you wish for. They are moderately nice styling touches, if that matters to you shut up and drive, stop mewling about styling this and styling that… , but they led directly to the ridiculous top and the near-total lack of trunk space.

    2007 Pontiac Solstice GXP Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Tour

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