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  • Can I make a quick, metro sleeper with bucks? I'd really Low a behold, it's a Swift(geo metro) That's like me trashing a Nissan Sentra.

    im asking this for a friend ok, he wants to make a sleeper out of a 92 Geo Metro.. .i was thinking about the Suzuki Swift L GTI engine (direct.

    This Geo Metro, with a horsepower Ecotec engine, might be approaching geo metro engine swapped turbo – $ (). For sale here, a I quite like the sleeper aspect of it, even with the hood as it is.

    I say this because I am trying to talk myself out of a expensive engine build right now. If you don't believe me, go to www. From the Junkyard to Pikes Peak! X Newsletter Sign Up. Facebook Twitter Google Plus Email.

    Chevy Sprint - Start to Finish - Hot Rod Network

    A sleeper is nothing new: This is that idea, times Yeah, a Chevy Sprint, the predecessor to a Geo Metro, something suitable for a three-cylinder engine, not a high-horsepower Kenny Duttweiler small-block.

    It had a lower-powered small-block and the original unitized body. It became a parts car after Bob was rear-ended at a stoplight, and the car burned to a shell.

    Here it is in stock trim. Aside from the rear wheels, the appearance is almost the same as the finished product. He commissioned Fatman Fabrication in Charlotte to fabricate a real frame as strong as the street-rod frames Fatman builds every day. It laid down an amazing lb-ft and hp on pump gas, and 1, lb-ft and 1, hp with race gas or pump gas with methanol injection.

    Bob had Kenny mount the turbos in the exact location they would be in the Sprint so it could be tuned in the same trim. Fatman began by cutting off the body at the floorboards and building a square-tube custom chassis.

    The body was braced before being separated from the floorboards, then the chassis was slid underneath the car. Out back is a shortened 9-inch with spline axles, a Detroit Truetrac, and 2. Turbos tend to crack exhaust tubing if they are too rigidly mounted. To let them float a little, Bob designed a bracket off the turbo hot-side housing that rests on used valvesprings. These are mounted on the wheeltubs behind the front seats.

    Bob used Flowmaster bullet mufflers, but they, along with the dry-sump tank, had to be shortened to fit. The engine is set back so far that the intake goes through a section cut out of the dash.

    Bob has a little thermometer on the panel to keep track of how hot his drivetrain is. Contact us to find out. Facebook Twitter Google Plus Email. From the Junkyard to Pikes Peak! Vintage Circle-Track Charger Rescue!

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    B18 Swapped Geo Metro: Motor Is In!!!

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