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  • The Ford Mustang is an American car manufactured by Ford. It was originally based on the platform of the second generation North American Ford Falcon, a compact car. The original Ford Mustang I two-seater concept car had evolved into .. Iacocca wanted the new car, which returned the Mustang to its

    Check out these Mustang concepts you need to see. We pull out By April 23, , Mustang had already taken the world by storm. However.

    We take a look at 50 years of Mustang history through 10 concept cars that guided the Pony Car through the decades to today's 10 millionth GT.

    The concept car concept is translated as "the idea of a car". This is a kind of prototype car, which tests people's reactions to new technologies being introduced, design solutions, etc. In its original form, prototypes are never launched into mass production.

    That engine was ultimately replaced with a new 3. The base model came with a 3. Ford Mustang third generation. The decklid received a black cosmetic panel on all trim levels. The transition from sketch to physical design model saw the Avventura losing the hatch, which was replaced with a trunk, while the rear seat was now forward-facing.

    Ford Mustang History, Pictures, Value, Auction Sales, Research and News

    Ford held a design contest in the early s for what would become the Mustang, but the winning shape was originally called the Cougar. We know the story from there, as the Mustang launched to considerable fanfare in and the Mercury Cougar would follow three years later.

    Unfortunately, the vehicle never made it to production. Ford called for the vehicle's disassembly shortly after completion, but its designer stashed it away. Hitting the auto show circuits in , this concept Mustang clearly showed where the first-generation design was headed.

    The rest, however, is almost spot-on for what the world would see on the Mustang Mach I. The roofless design was obviously never intended to be a production vehicle, but those headlights and front grille look suspiciously similar to what the world would later see on the Mustang II in Just as the Mach I concept previewed what was to come, so did the Mustang Milano concept.

    This targa-roof concept might have helped that a bit. Built from a pre-production model, this two-seater looks worlds better than the standard Mustang II. Did you know Ford once considered taking the Mustang into the world of stage rally?

    This RSX concept was designed by Ghia and incorporated styling cues from the recently released third-generation Fox Body Mustang in The wheelbase was a bit shorter with a touch more ride height to handle European rally stages. While the factory-built two-seater Mustang never transpired, the Mach III concept featured all kinds of design cues that would surface on the fourth-generation SN95 Mustang in The narrow grille opening, hood vents, and side scoops appeared on the production model, albeit in slightly tweaked fashion.

    With a fifth-gen Mustang as a starting point, Giugairo tweaked every body panel in a way that accentuated the length of the hood and added brawnier fenders. Scissor doors and a glass roof created visual flourishes, too. A retro-inspired interior featured a pair of big, circular gauges and a bizarre, T-shaped gearshift. The horsehide upholstery was a step too far, though. We did a whole feature on this single concept , and it's definitely worth a read to learn more about this unique bit of Mustang history.

    Following that was a Mustang parade to the Flat Rock assembly plant south of Dearborn, where the actual 10 millionth Mustang — a GT convertible painted Wimbledon White — joined the group. Home Ford Mustang Features. Aug 08, at 4: It's been a long, crazy road for Ford's Pony Car. About this article Category Automotive History. Sign In or Sign Up.

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