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  • There's phoned-in spin-offs, and then there's the Subaru Impreza Casa Blanca.

    Barring its concept cars subaru isn t exactly known for pumping out gorgeous exterior designs. functional dependable fast yes to all three but.

    The Subaru Impreza (スバル・インプレッサ, Subaru Inpuressa) is a compact family car that has . RS sedan (USA). Subaru Impreza Casa Blanca (Japan).

    How many do you think are left today? Lucra rebadged Daihatsu Tanto Exe. Retrieved 1 March An aluminum hood, laminar window glass, and a lighter battery helped to reduce weight.

    10 of the Rarest Subarus Ever - Subienews

    That stands for Fuel Economy, and the incredibly efficient FE was rated at 33 mpg city and 50 mpg highway.

    This rare horsepower, lb ft of torque monster was released in with only making it to production. If you bought one, good investment! Offered from to , the FF-1 was available in two-door, four-door and a wagon models. According to many, this is the rarest Subaru you can find in the US.

    Possibly the ugliest, most vile Subaru ever conceived, the Casa Blanca was a car based around the Impreza. According to Jalopnik, the Casa Blanca was designed during a retro car craze over in Japan. The front fascia design works well on its own, but when paired with the rally-inspired look of the first generation Impreza wagon, it makes me want to nuke it from orbit.

    The rear end design was mailed in too. The designers simply took out the taillights and plopped in new ones. The Casa Blanca was not even worth the work it took to manufacture it. This adorable little munchkin is the Subaru , a model introduced by Subaru in Not exactly rare for the time, Subaru produced , of these rear-engined, two-door cars over a 12 year run.

    The was powered by a two-cylinder, two-stroke engine churning out a neck snapping 22 horsepower. Rarity in the US? What about the Catalunya? Rarer that the 22B, and the P1. Something like of them made. What about the first generation turbo legacies?

    Kinda the OG rally car. There was only like 35 produced of only select years. Basically like prodrive they took and modified a few with their own custom stuff. Only produced for one full year, a love child of a Legacy and Outback.

    What about the subaru spec r1? Only made in the world and only sold in canada? Theres maybe 40 or 50 left now.

    The cataluyna is very rare. Only ever made for the uk market and last check there was only 57 left……. Would sure like to know how many are around. How about the edition sti wagon. I own one and am very proud of its rarity. Only a couple hundred were made. I would say that since the Acadia Green 2. About on the were offered in a different limited yellow option.

    About 1, were produced. I had a Atlantic blue pearl with white leather interior, only 99 of those made. How is the rarer than the S only made? Or the S with each made of Sedans and Wagons? Sort of a hybrid but the saab 92x aero is a WRX in a saab body.


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