2006 toyota corolla s review

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  • Aug 19, View all 23 consumer vehicle reviews for the Toyota Corolla S on Edmunds , or submit your own review of the Corolla.

    Nov 2, View all 50 consumer vehicle reviews for the Toyota Corolla S on Edmunds , or submit your own review of the Corolla.

    It is interesting! The Toyota logo is a triple oval. Two internal ovals located perpendicularly symbolize a strong relationship between the client and the company. In addition, if you look closely, in these ovals you can see the image of all six letters of the brand name T, O, Y, O, T, A.

    Edmunds has a detailed expert review of the Toyota Corolla S Sedan. View our consumer ratings and reviews of the Corolla, and see what other.

    Shocks or struts, ball joints, tie rods, wheel bearings, alignment, steering linkage includes rack and pinion , power steering pumps and hoses, leaks , wheel balance, springs or torsion bars, bushings, electronic or air suspension. I found this to be very inconvenient and indicated to me that they didn't want to bother with researching and solving this problem. The power steering is just right, providing a nice feel without being too stiff or sloppy. I love the easiness of this car.

    Toyota Corolla Reviews, Ratings, Prices - Consumer Reports

    Each ranking was based on 9 categories. Here is the summary of top rankings. Reliable — Updated, 26June Now more than 4 years of ownership this car is everything I expected and more. Uses no oil, no problems at all. Only regular maintenance costs. Test drove a new Corolla, didn't like it so much. The CVT is sluggish up to about 30mph but the was actually quicker and half the cost of a new one.

    No, it's not for the younger people. At 61 years old it suits me fine. Not a chick-magnet like I care but not a cop-magnet either. I do care Have already taken several one-stop mile drives and the comfort exceeded expectations. Still no wind whistles either, quiet as a higher-end car. Now planning on a very long road-trip later this summer, and have no hesitations about it. I am never in a hurry, actually a quite laid-back driver content to follow a slow truck on a 2-lane highway I frequent, US in East Calif.

    But when clear, and the truck is doing 50, I can pass safely. Economy, Reliability, roomy for small car. Great Value Car — Bought this car new in '06 and have had zero problems. Just a few minor fixes to some interior components. Keep up with regular maintenance and this car should reach k no problem. I bought the CE with no options, but this car has done what I paid for and expected it to do, run hassle free and get good gas mileage!

    Decent cargo space too! Easy to maintain, great MPG's, fairly roomy and cargo space for a small sedan, decent in inclement weather with the right tires. Not very comfortable on long drives, some of the interior components are pretty cheap, not a quiet car. Great Car, Worth The Investment — Bought this car used in with 12, miles roughly on it and we are now just hitting over the 65, mile mark, having only recently taken it in for some brake repairs.

    I bought it to get me through college and it sure did! It got me through college, a couple road trips, and is now the family vehicle. It is safe, very reliable, fun to drive, gives me great gas mileage, the prices at the pump are always nice the couple times a month I need to fuel up, and looks great.

    My only issue I've ever had with this car is during winter months in MN. Regardless if my tires are new winter ones or not, I always have to be a little more careful driving on ice. I don't know exactly why, I'm probably just not a good winter driver, but there's my two cents about it. I adore this vehicle though as it has always come through for me and continues to prove itself as a great investment. Repair costs are low as are prices at the pump because of it's great fuel economy.

    Car is very fun to drive and feels safe. Very Dependable Car — Handling like a economy car. Can see from driver seat compared to SUV and Coupe. AC never is an issue always cold or hot when needed. Not much power but that is why its Manual shift to get the most of what the engine can give. Easy shifting between gears. Keep it maintained and it will treat you well. I used this mainly for commuting to work. Even when my Family arrived here last year, we visited some places and my daughter love this coziness of this car.

    Nice AC and heating. This Car helped me a lot from the first few months till to today in as I arrived in this country, it was my companion. Extremely Satisfied — A complete satisfactory Nothing bad so far. I am driving this car for the last 1 year or so without any panic or disturbance at all. I would recommend to any one without hesitation cause its dependable above all, I believe.

    Long Lasting, Fuel Efficient, Dependable. Excellent Car For Work. Has never given me a problem for the last seven years of use. Has a very good take off and acceleration I would surely recommend this to young individuals who would want a safe and reliable car.

    2004 Toyota Corolla S In-Depth Review (Start up, Engine & Tour)

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