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  • Results 1 - 48 of New Fuel Filter For Honda Civic Accord Acura Integra RL Integra .. Honda Civic AFTERMARKET fuel gas filter w/ line hose Ex.

    Results 1 - 48 of Free Shipping on many items across the worlds largest range of Fuel Filters for Honda Civic. Find the perfect Christmas gift ideas with.

    Honda is a young Japanese auto-building company, it was founded in 1948. Now the concern, besides cars, also builds motorcycles, planes and is engaged in robotics. Many experts consider Honda cars to be one of the most reliable.

    Like cars? Check out my new web site! COMESEEORLANDO.INFO · http:// COMESEEORLANDO.INFO?v=vpZhMLL9OOQ. Tutorial on how to replace your fuel .

    Send a private message to grumblemarc. After you are sure of no leaks crank the car and confirm there are no leaks. Quote message in reply? See step 3 the first picture?

    This however will work just the same for the D16Y8 engine as the part numbers are identical. If you have any comments or questions feel free to post them. I also take criticism very well and am open to it. Socket Wrench and sockets — 10mm, 17mm Shop rags Line wrench Gearwrench not required or combination wrench - 14mm I show my box of Gearwrench sockets because I prefer them but they are not required Parts Needed: I usually get them from a dealership that sells on eBay.

    The set comes with 4 copper resistor plugs but I prefer the platinums and they are usually only a dollar more a plug than the copper. The fuel filter is on the firewall on the back left of the photo next to the battery.

    The distributor is on the left side of the engine above the transmission and the plug wires are across the engine in the front. These are two you will need to remove along with the 10mm bracket bolt to remove the fuel filter. One of the easiest ways is to remove the gas cap and allow any excess pressure to be released. Step 2 Using your 17mm socket wrench or a 17mm combination wrench can be used as well remove the top bolt.

    If you are having a hard time or the filter holder is twisting to much another combination wrench may be used under this bolt on the bolt shaped portion to keep the filter in place.

    Once you have loosened the bolt notice that the bolt has a washer under the head on top of the fuel line fitting and one under the fitting.

    Your new filter should come with two new crush washers, so make sure you have new ones as if you reuse these they may or may not seal. Step 3 Using your 14mm combination or line wrench loosen your bottom 14mm line bolt. Step 4 On the back side of the filter housing there is a 10mm bolt holding the swing portion of the bracket clasp. Take your socket wrench and short extension and remove this bolt. After this you should be able to pull your older filter out.

    More gas will probably pour out. Screw the bottom 14mm line back into the filter by hand making sure not to cross thread it and then tighten it with the wrench. Then attach the swing bracket to the holder and replace your 10mm bolt back into place and tighten. Step 6 Now take your top 17mm bolt and two crush washers and place them as so pictured onto the fuel line fitting. After you are sure of no leaks crank the car and confirm there are no leaks.

    Socket Wrench and sockets — 8mm,spark plug socket Extra long extension for socket wrench Phillips head screw driver not pictured I show my box of Gearwrench sockets because I prefer them but they are not required Parts Needed: Mostly because one of the largest mistakes made when doing tune ups is placing the plug wires in the wrong order thereby causing the car not to start or to run poorly.

    Also the OEM plug wires are labeled with which number they are as well as the manufactured date as well. These are from Lets begin Step 1 Begin by taking each of the plug wires one by one and twist it side to side to break it loose from the plug. Then pull up and out. At this point leave the other ends on the distributor cap as we will use this to match up our new set.

    How to Replace Fuel Filter on Honda Civic

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