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  • The Nissan Rogue shows how it takes on winter | Car Reviews | Auto
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  • When there's a foot of snow on the ground in Colorado, winter tires make perfect sense. 2 in sales behind CR-V) and the Nissan Rogue (No.

    Benoit Desjardins / Nissan To find out if the Rogue can handle the cold and white stuff, we Think AWD makes you invincible in the snow?.

    Nissan's Rogue Sport battles winter with style, but power and technology lag behind its Around a parking lot "skid pad" in the icy snow, the.

    I use that a lot. The rugged truck sits three inches higher than stock, and is six inches wider, as well, both necessary to fit the inch off-road tires that sit on inch dark matte aluminum alloy wheels. Active Trace Control When cornering, Active Trace Control engages the appropriate inner or outer brakes to maximize the line and negate sliding and drifting on icy roads. The real determining factor in slippery conditions is the tires, not the vehicle.

    Sorry Kids, There’s No Such Thing as a Snow Day in the Nissan Rogue | Asheboro Nissan Blog

    They are independent publications and are not affiliated with or endorsed by Nissan or Infiniti. Material may not be copied or reprinted without written permission. Advertiser Directory Classifieds Fabricators' Market. Nissan does a very good job calibrating these systems so that they make driving easier but are not so intrusive unlike Toyota systems.

    I find the Rogue does fairly well, but you must drive according to the conditions. The real determining factor in slippery conditions is the tires, not the vehicle.

    The stock tires do well in the dry and wet but are no match for snow tires when the white stuff starts to fly. That being said, I find the Rogue has amazing stability and traction, I've always been extremely pleased with these aspects of the vehicle.

    They make the biggest difference. A good set of winter tires will allow you to zip past everyone in complete control. If you don't feel safe with the stock tires, invest in a good set of studless winter tires.

    Good tires will be the difference between hitting that person in front of you, or stopping in time. The Rogue tires are 20K miles old and handle and look like new. Got it in January, and the first winter was fine. Didnt get stuck anywhere, and could take steep hills without issue.

    Same thing happened with my Altima. I now have General Altimax Arctics and cant recomend them enough. Been having some bad weather around here, and everyone is doing about 25 on main roads with a 45 limit, and the Altima can plow through with no loss of traction on ice or in deep snow at the normal speed limit.

    No problem getting traction on hills but the front seems to let go soo easy when cornering. I plan on getting some snow tires. Just drove in heavy snow here in Illinois and the Hankooks handled the snow well.

    These tires are light years better than the factory installed Contis or Dunlops. At one point in deep snow I locked the all wheel drive and drove easily through deep snow. The wife and I both got X-ice 2 with winter rims and what an amazing difference. FYI I tend to drive with the traction control off because it has almost caused 3 collisions so far this year. I have an AWD,but i realize with almost any vehicle, if the all seasons are new, with a bit of caution, you will be fine.

    I will put snow tires on it next winter. But, ABS works somewhat great. Traction control kills the fun and keeps car from spinning out, You still spin your tires even with AWD. It's a pretty light car. OD Off works great. I use that a lot. Rogue is high enough to go through at less 3Ft of snow maybe less. Give distance between you and car in front of you. ABS isn't suppose to help slow you down but, Help you steer when you lock up.

    2014 Nissan Rogue Colorado Winter Off-Road Review

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