1976 dodge dart sport

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  • All Dodge (USA) Dart Sport Coupe versions offered for the year with complete specs, performance and technical data in the catalogue of cars.

    Last Year: Dodge Dart Sport Trim of less than 1, miles a year since new, this Dodge Dart in sport trim has barely been used.

    FACT! During the Second World War, Dodge produced heavy jeeps and aircraft engines. One of these Dodge WC (Weapon Carrier) jeeps was delivered to the USSR, where he was nicknamed the 750-kg "Dodge Three-Quarters" load capacity. In total, more than 25,000 such cars were delivered to the Lend-Lease in the USSR, where they acquired the glory of an indestructible car.

    Built from till , the Dart was a compact car offered by Dodge to Dodge Dart Sport with a built Factory A/c. floor console floor shift automatic.

    However, these large round lights were mounted near the inboard side of the reverse fins, and aggravated the already awkward styling. This is the era that I grew up in and started driving, so mid-to-lates cars are right up my alley. Archived from the original PDF on 29 April This car is a time capsule, what an era.

    Last Year: Dodge Dart Sport Trim

    With an average of less than 1, miles a year since new , this Dodge Dart in sport trim has barely been used. You an see a small dent in the LF fender and also there is some rust along the lower regions of this otherwise good-looking Dart. This car has the venerable slant-six. The underside looks good in a couple of the photos , and maybe not quite as good in another. From this angle all looks great with this car. This is the era that I grew up in and started driving, so mid-to-lates cars are right up my alley.

    And, how can this Herb-Tarlek-suit -like seat fabric be so wrong yet so right! This car is a time capsule, what an era. Like them or hate them, the seats appear to be in fantastic condition as does the entire interior. Yes, the seller says that the factory air-conditioning is still cold. The last-year status may be the only thing about this car that even puts it in the maybe-a-worthy-candidate-for-restoration category. Is it worth restoring? My sis had a 75 Dodge dart with a Single unit taillite each side.

    Hers was a Fast back. A neighbor bought a new one with the same interior as this one. She drove it well into the late eighties and it was still looking and driving good. A and a Both of them were good cars as well. I also had a friend with a Duster. He stuck a cam and some headers on it and a few other goodies and that puppy would get up and go. If I remember correctly, when the Dodge Demon same body as the Duster nameplate was dropped in either or due to complaints from religious groups, the model was renamed the Dart Sport.

    Even though there were not a huge number of them produced — they just were never very popular. A bodies overall just have never gained the value of the B and E bodies. I would probably keep this one as a survivor — might be worth more that way. It all comes down to what it would be worth to you. I have a 74 Dart Sport. That was in Parked it and never fixed it. I am going to do a full custom resto-mod. I will be building it for what I think would have made it a cool car. My plans are a guarded secret.

    A bit of history on the Dart Sport — not everyone might know or realize; in 71 and 72, Dodge had the Demon. Religious groups complained about the Demon symbol enough -so- Chrysler Corp buckled under the pressure and renamed the car — the Dart Sport. Owning a Dart Sport was a little frustrating at times. It was kind of funny looking back on that!!! I have a dodge dart sport and i need back bumper guards and the rubber cushions.

    Mine are the small type cushions. Good price for a car with , mile left in her. Had a nearly identical model. No frills basic transportation. Everyone passes you, even if you are going with the flow. Somehow these cars just exude grandma and no one wants to follow one. What was so venerable about the leaning tower of power? My brothers and I learned to drive on these and we kicked the living shat out of them and they kept on ticking.

    Yep sluggish but never seen one fail personally. My mom had a Demon. Laughingly referred to as the screamin Demon. Great looking and running rig. My first car was a Duster with the same trim and interior as this Dart except the paint was silver.

    No profanity, politics, or personal attacks. Don't post your car for sale in the comments. Click here to get it featured on the homepage instead. Or subscribe without commenting. Get Our Daily Email! My first car was a Dodge Dart Sport with the slant six The Holy Rollers also had a problem with the model name Swinger. The foot operated windshield washer on the floor was always cool. Let us know if you have any luck. Not a Brady Bunch Wagon: Not What It Seems: Get Daily Email Updates:

    1975 Dodge Dart Sport

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