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  • There are 96 reviews for the Dodge Avenger, click through to see what your fellow I have the se 4 cyl (not understanding that there is a se v6 and rt v6.

    The Dodge Avenger is ranked #19 in Affordable Midsize Cars The price of a used Avenger ranges from about $7, for SE.

    FACT! During the Second World War, Dodge produced heavy jeeps and aircraft engines. One of these Dodge WC (Weapon Carrier) jeeps was delivered to the USSR, where he was nicknamed the 750-kg "Dodge Three-Quarters" load capacity. In total, more than 25,000 such cars were delivered to the Lend-Lease in the USSR, where they acquired the glory of an indestructible car.

    Motor Trend reviews the Dodge Avenger where consumers can find detailed information on specs, fuel Select a Different Model (4 available):; SE Sedan.

    Is this the new standard for TTAC automobile reviews. And like others have said, I wound up with a new as a rental about a year ago and cursed the Great Rental Car Gods when I was handed the keys. The hate for the avenger is just not there. Within the past several years, Chrysler has given it a new V-6, a retuned suspension, and a mostly new interior.

    Dodge Avenger Consumer Reviews | COMESEEORLANDO.INFO

    How much car can you get in this country for sixteen thousand bucks? Well, you could try a base-model Elantra , or with a bit of sharp dealing you might come up with a Sentra. TrueCar thinks you might be able to sneak into a Cruze LS. Certainly you could get a Ford Focus, which might be the best choice if you can shift for yourself or you trust the PowerShift double-clutcher. How about something a little bigger and more powerful? Would you be interested?

    They wanted to rent me a Corolla. I had to beg and plead and cajole to get the Avenger. I did this because the Corolla is about my least favorite rental car ever. Compared to the Corolla, the Avenger is a Viper. But neither is it a Fleetwood Talisman. In fact, the Avenger is closer size-wise to the Corolla than it is to the Camry.

    Mitsubishi and Chrysler failed to correctly predict the Cretaceous explosion in mid-sized cars — or maybe they did but figured the LX cars would cover the high end. Either way, the Avenger is positively tidy in the modern context. The seats, on the other hand, immediately impressed me as being positively medieval and after fifty miles I had a sore back.

    Luckily for me this was one of my shorter rental trips, with barely miles between my front door and the registration tower at GingerMan. With temperatures swinging between 22 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit, every moment I spent driving an open-cockpit car was pretty miserable. I wanted to take a few friends out on the racetrack and thought about taking the Avenger.

    Naturally, my rental contract prevented doing something irresponsible like that. But as I was looking through the glovebox to find my rental contract just to make sure it prevented something irresponsible like that, a handwritten note fell out. This is what it said,. Handling is remarkably neutral and the rear end can be manipulated with light trail braking. With better brake pads it would be suited to lap runs. As it is, the pedal gets a little hard after five laps or so. A lot of so-called sporty German sedans roll more than the Avenger does.

    With decent tires it might surprise you. I bet the V-6 AutoStick is a corker. Well, that was convenient. My drive home reaffirmed my hatred of the seats but after a long day in an unmuffled open car I appreciated the relatively quiet Avenger interior. It would be nice to have a little more clarity and power in the stereo; really, I think Ford still has the edge, no pun intended, in base sound systems.

    Not that you could even touch a Fusion for this kind of cash. As a way to carry four full-sized adults with reasonable pace and economy for a rock-bottom price, however, this humble Dodge is tough to beat. The buyers for the Avenger may be subprime, but the Avenger itself is pretty okay.

    And Jack further verifies that it is pretty hard to find a truly BAD new car in the world we live in. Especially given that I see so many with dual exhaust pipes to indicate the V6. Today, in America, there are no underpowered suicide machines, no flimsy death traps and no unreliable pieces of shit being sold by ANY manufacturer.

    The fact that the and Avenger are considered bottom-end is proof of that. And then I showed her the somewhat infamous crash test between a Bel Air and a Malibu http: Today, people are financing cars for that long. Try a 59 Chrysler Imperial vs a 09 Chev,that would leave the 09 in pieces.

    Warning to all Dodge Avenger owners please watch video!!! This may save your life!!!

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