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  • Check out the latest dodge avenger review (11), photos (22), videos (3), prices, specifications and so much more on top speed!.

    Sep 10, Startech starster is the name of a new concept car that celebrates its world debut at the frankfurt international auto show iaa a concept car.

    Check out the latest dodge avenger review, specs, prices, photos and videos articles: (22), videos (3), prices, specifications and so much more on top speed!.

    Blackberryheat , May 18, JJC , May 18, I lived many years in Europe and traveled many time through Germany, how nice to drive for miles at top speed I really want to find a way around the governor.

    Discussion in ' 3. Log in or Sign up. Feb 21, Messages: What the top speed any of you have ever reached? Oct 14, Messages: Avengers are speed limited between and mph from what I recall.

    It certainly has more in it but they limit them mainly because the tires aren't rated for faster than that Manufacturers covering their butts. Fastest I've gone is Live in the city and haven't had many opportunities to go faster nor do I really want to.

    Have had my truck up to the ish range and pretty much scared the crap outta me. Superchips got me past the speed limiter and it has high performance tires on it but trucks are not designed to go that fast.. Oct 30, Messages: Max speed is limited due to the low tire rating.

    Germax , May 18, Apr 28, Messages: I was able to get my 3. Had to go down hill to achieve that though. I'd imagine that we could get , maybe with proper tires and the governor removed. Depends mostly on the aerodynamics at that point. The Bugatti Veyron can hit mph with a mere hp, but its body is about as slippery as they come. JJC , May 18, Nov 25, Messages: Unless you are in certain countries with unlimited speed limits going excessive speeds will get you into serious trouble.

    That being said I have gotten my Avenger into the range. Oh Dave, you are so boring , my max speed in the Ave was a 95 mph, I want to keep my license I lived many years in Europe and traveled many time through Germany, how nice to drive for miles at top speed How often will those be relevant to real world applications, excluding putting a ricer in its place? There's definitely a market for cars that go up and beyond any reasonable speed, otherwise cars like the Veyron or McLaren F1 wouldn't exist.

    Will I ever push my car up past mph again? Doubtful, unless I add some significant mods and a new ecu chip. It's just something I wanted to do at least once, so I decided to do it when it was still new and in the best shape. Funny thing with my Hemi pickup in the first miles got it up to top speed at the time and broke it in pretty hard but not abusive Ironically it hasn't had any of the major problems that a lot of the s had.

    Maybe has something to do with the way I broke it in May 25, Messages: I haven't gone that fast again, just the one time. Something I don't like to admit, I got a ticket after a short burst, got radared going So, needless to say, I don't go faster than for short spurts, then back to Blackberryheat , May 18, Jun 2, Messages: I really want to find a way around the governor. Yesterday I was able to get up to with 3 people in the car no problem at all. Felt like there was much more room to keep going and didnt feel like there was any strain on the car at all.

    Mangini , May 18, Yeah my uncle showed me this great spot and I got up to with him and it still felt like it had a lot left in it. I had to slow down because I ran out of runway. Blackberryheat , May 19, Mangini , May 19, Mar 9, Messages: Redline , May 20, JJC , May 20, Oct 25, Messages: I only ever hit on many occasions I wish it wasn't governed it seems like it has so much more power. Dimnash , May 20, May 6, Messages: I haven't hit in mine, but I'm not sure how much further it would be able to go after that since I only have the 2.

    It does feel good on the few time I've ignored the speed limit, and I'm sure I could at least hit , but I'm a very paranoid person and don't want to risk the ticket. Luxornv , May 20, Feb 11, Messages: I've run mine up to , pretty much on accident. Hadn't had it very long, and got on it to get around some stupidity SuperDart , May 20, Apr 12, Messages: Fish , May 28, Germax , May 28, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet.

    dodge avenger top speed

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